VIDEO: Divest BU conducts outreach on campus


Last week, I made my first-ever foray into broadcast journalism. I took the Green Line out to Boston University (BU), found Divest BU’s banner — which symbolized the organization’s awareness initiative — and spent nearly an hour collecting footage for a five-minute video. I cleaned and edited it, added closed captions and uploaded it here. Take a look.


  • I highly recommend you turn on closed captions, even if you are not deaf or hard of hearing, as some of the audio can be difficult to understand (especially around 3:50).
  • In the closed captions, I’ve added two [sic]s — one for myself, as I accidentally said “divestments” rather than “investments” (cringe), and one for Thacker, who said the BU Board of Trustees recommended divestment. Actually, the Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing (ACSRI) was the recommending body. To be clear, Thacker is aware of this, but he did misspeak.

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